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Dead Kennedys Give Me Con­ve­nience or Give Me Death album cover by Winston Smith

Win­ston Smith designed the album cover to Give Me Con­ve­nience or Give Me Death, a com­pi­la­tion album by the Amer­i­can hard­core punk band the Dead Kennedys. It was released in June of 1987 through front­man Jello Biafra’s record label Alter­na­tive Ten­ta­cles. The album con­sists of songs that were not released on the band’s stu­dio albums.

The album was cer­ti­fied gold by both BPI and the RIAA in Decem­ber 2007. The title is a play on the famous ulti­ma­tum by Patrick Henry, “Give me Lib­erty, or give me Death!”, and is intended as a com­men­tary on Amer­i­can con­sumerism. Give Me Con­ve­nience or Give Me Death was the last Dead Kennedys album that Biafra approved the pro­duc­tion of, which also led to it being the last album released through Alter­na­tive Tentacles.

This album was reis­sued in CD and Vinyl in 2011 by Manifesto.

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