The Mon­tage Art of Win­ston Smith — Vol­ume 2

Artcrime: the Montage Art of Winston Smith

Fol­low­ing that time-tested tra­di­tion of mon­tage, col­lage and ran­dom image appro­pri­a­tion, Win­ston Smith takes this medium one step fur­ther than his pre­cur­sors, Max Ernst
and Mar­cel Duchamp.” — Robert Williams

Art­crime is the sec­ond col­lec­tion of Winston’s work to be pub­lished by Last Gasp, fol­low­ing the highly suc­cess­ful Act Like Nothing’s Wrong. Win­ston Smith gained mass appeal through his work with the Dead Kennedys, and the fore­word by noto­ri­ous punk impres­sario, Jello Biafra.

Enjoy a small pre­view below