21st Century Fallout — Volume One


Announc­ing the long-awaited revival issue of FALLOUT

Out of Print since 1984, the noto­ri­ous under­ground punk ‘zine which Win­ston Smith cre­ated with co-editor and “part­ner in Art­crime” Jayed Scotti back in 1979, is finally rear­ing its ugly head once again.

The orig­i­nal final issue (#5) hit the stands in 1984, on the eve of Ronald Reagan’s re-election.  That issue was also co-edited by Jello Biafra.  So after nearly three decades mum­mi­fied in the vaults FALLOUT returns to afflict the Mil­len­nium as:

21st Cen­tury Fallout

Vol­ume One con­tains over 20 col­lage illus­tra­tions (plus pen and ink works) span­ning the last 30 years.  And this time many of these clas­sic com­po­si­tions are in full color, so they can finally be appre­ci­ated in all their orig­i­nal glory.

This pre­mier edi­tion of the new 21st Cen­tury FALLOUT will be a lim­ited run and signed by the artist.

Place your order now for this first edi­tion vol­ume and be the first on your block to com­plete your col­lec­tion of rare ephemera with a clas­sic from the past, res­ur­rected to fight again.


21st Cen­tury Fall­out is 20 pages.  Take a sneak peek at a few pages here.