Winston Smith Books


Win­ston Smith Books

pub­lished by Last Gasp, San Fran­cisco, CA


All Riot on the West­ern Front

The Mon­tage Art of Win­ston Smith Vol­ume 3 (2004)


The Mon­tage Art of Win­ston Smith Vol­ume 2 (1999)

Act Like Nothing’s Wrong

The Mon­tage Art of Win­ston Smith Vol­ume 1 (1994)


Arti­cles, Inter­views and Art Also Fea­tured in:


  • 22 Idols: Win­ston Smith and Kosuke Kawa­mura — Erect Lab, 2011
  • Erect Mag­a­zine, Tokyo (14-Page Spread), 2010
  • La Repub­blica XL, Italy (4-Page Spread, by Lorenza Biasi), 2010
  • Obey: Sup­ply and Demand: The Art of Shep­ard Fairey — Gingko Press, 2009
  • The Art of Emily the Strange (Intro­duc­tion), Rob Reger — Dark Horse, 2009
  • Gimme Some­thing Bet­ter: The Pro­found, Progressive…History of Bay Area Punk from Dead Kennedys to Green Day, Jack Boul­ware — Pen­guin, 2009
  • Green Day: Rebels with a Cause, Gillian G. Gaar — Omnibus Press, 2007
  • Punk is Dead Punk is Every­thing, Brian Ray Tur­cotte — Gingko Press, 2007
  • Sci-Fi West­ern Show: Cat­a­log (Last Gasp, 2002)
  • Amer­i­can Hard­core: A Tribal His­tory, Steven Blush — Feral House, 2001
  • Fucked Up + Pho­to­copied: Instant Art of the Punk Rock Move­ment, Brian Ray Tur­cotte — Gingko Press, 1999
  • Street Art: The Punk Poster in San Fran­cisco, Peter Bel­sito — Last Gasp, 1981

Item of Interest

  • Fall­out Mag­a­zine self pub­lished from 1978 — 1985.  Copies are rare and priceless.


Con­tact us.  Win­ston pro­duces cus­tom com­mis­sions, posters and album art.  A selec­tion of orig­i­nals from 1977 to the present are avail­able to seri­ous col­lec­tors.