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Vin­tage” Series

Trance Ported


A Mid-Winter Night’s Scream

Decem­ber 2011 Stu­dio Show











Clas­sic Pieces



Dead Kennedys Art

“I’ve never lucked into this sort of rela­tion­ship with any other artist.  Lurk­ing within you’ll find both razor sharp edi­to­r­ial com­men­tary and more sur­real mon­tages prov­ing what’s cre­atively taste­less is truly what is time­less.  It is the out­side influ­ence that shows us our­selves.”   – Jello Biafra


Street Art

“Win­ston Smith vivi­sects cul­tural dis­as­ters and polit­i­cal atroc­i­ties with the sure hand of a mas­ter Thought Crim­i­nal.”  – Paul Mavrides



Panoramic Pieces



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Con­tact us.  Win­ston pro­duces cus­tom com­mis­sions, posters and album art.  Selected orig­i­nals from 1977 to the present are avail­able to seri­ous collectors.