Grant’s Tomb

The art of Col­lage, Win­ston Smith’s medium of inter­pre­ta­tion, has held an illus­tri­ous and mys­te­ri­ous posi­tion in the world of art and media for nearly 100 years.  From the hand-cut images care­fully extracted and reassem­bled by John Heart­field, Han­nah Hoch and Max Ernst in the 1920s and ‘30s that led to the Dada Move­ment and Sur­re­al­ism, to the mod­ern era of dig­i­tally com­posed illus­tra­tions and adver­tise­ments – col­lage and its var­i­ous forms are among the most dom­i­nant visual tech­niques per­me­at­ing the mass media and visual cul­ture as a whole.

Grant’s Tomb, curated by Win­ston Smith, is a plat­form for inter­na­tional col­lage artists to share their cre­ations, tech­niques and insights on this dis­ci­pline in its tra­di­tional form and its many variations.

Win­ston has inspired a whole gen­er­a­tion of artists and pro­gres­sive thinkers through his numer­ous col­lages and illus­tra­tions for Dead Kennedys, Green Day, Spin Mag­a­zine and The New Yorker, as well as through his own ‘zine, “Fall­out” and more. He chose col­lage as a medium in the late 1970s, as it is pro­vides an infi­nite palate of col­ors, tex­tures and shapes avail­able to any­one who wishes to open their mind – and the minds of oth­ers through cre­ative expression.


Upcom­ing Exhibitions

Fri­day, April 4 — Greet­ings from Obliv­ion:  30th Year Anniver­sary of George Orwell’s prophetic novel, “1984.”

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Past Exhi­bi­tions

August 23  2013 - A Mid-Summer’s Night Scream:  Winston’s 15th Annual Art Bash!  A group show of col­lage artists.

This is just a selec­tion of exhi­bi­tions pre­sented by Win­ston and hosted at Grant’s Tomb Gallery.

May 26 2013 - Win­ston Smith’s 40th Anniver­sary of his 21st Birth­day and Raffle.

March 15 2013First Impres­sions:  A Small Show of Prints by Gee Vaucher

Octo­ber 19th, 2012 - The Helium Safari: The Aston­ish­ing Col­lage Art of  Sean Mackaoui
(with addi­tional mon­tage art by Win­ston Smith)

Octo­ber 5th, 2012 - The Begin­ning of the End:  Ronald Reagan’s Legacy
Fea­tur­ing Fast, Cheap & Easy Graph­ics • Win­ston Smith • Reaganwear

July 27, 2012 — Insect Music:  Sur­re­al­ism, Alchemy and the Image
Fea­tur­ing Pene­lope Rose­mont, Den­nis Cun­ning­ham & Win­ston Smith


50-A Ban­nam Alley,  North Beach,  San Francisco