Postcards and Greeting Cards

Announc­ing Post­cards and Greet­ing Cards

Give the gift of art from Win­ston Smith’s twisted re-stylings of vin­tage ads!

New designs every week!

This weeks offer­ings are…


Greet­ing Cards

All greet­ing cards are 5″ x 7″ on 100# matte cover stock.  Blank Inside.

Just in time for Estrus…

Bunny Kong

Bunny Kong

Sin­gle Card — $4.00

Box of Ten — $35


Bunny Funny Money

Bunny Funny Money

Sin­gle Card — $4.00

Box of Ten — $35



All post­cards are 4″ x 6″ on 100# matte cover stock.


The Money Tree

The Money Tree

Sin­gle Card — $1.50

Box of Ten — $12


Nuclear Family

The Nuclear Family

Sin­gle Card — $1.50

Box of Ten — $12


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21st Century Fallout — Volume One


Announc­ing the long-awaited revival issue of FALLOUT

Out of Print since 1984, the noto­ri­ous under­ground punk ‘zine which Win­ston Smith cre­ated with co-editor and “part­ner in Art­crime” Jayed Scotti back in 1979, is finally rear­ing its ugly head once again.

The orig­i­nal final issue (#5) hit the stands in 1984, on the eve of Ronald Reagan’s re-election.  That issue was also co-edited by Jello Biafra.  So after nearly three decades mum­mi­fied in the vaults FALLOUT returns to afflict the Mil­len­nium as:

21st Cen­tury Fallout

Vol­ume One con­tains over 20 col­lage illus­tra­tions (plus pen and ink works) span­ning the last 30 years.  And this time many of these clas­sic com­po­si­tions are in full color, so they can finally be appre­ci­ated in all their orig­i­nal glory.

This pre­mier edi­tion of the new 21st Cen­tury FALLOUT will be a lim­ited run and signed by the artist.

Place your order now for this first edi­tion vol­ume and be the first on your block to com­plete your col­lec­tion of rare ephemera with a clas­sic from the past, res­ur­rected to fight again.


21st Cen­tury Fall­out is 20 pages.  Take a sneak peek at a few pages here.





Classic Prints — $99

Win­ston has hand-selected some of his per­sonal favorite images to offer as 12“x18” archival prints.

  • Lim­ited edi­tion (100) archival prints on Som­er­set Double-Weight Velvet paper.
  • Signed and numbered.
  • Ships with a signed “Cer­tifi­cate of Authentication.”

$99 each (plus shipping).


NOTE: Ship­ping rates for 12“x18” prints have changed. Please see the chart at the bot­tom for cur­rent rates and deliv­ery time. All prints fit onto a 12″ x 18″ sheet of paper. “Live image” size varies.


Artcrime: the Montage Art of Winston Smith

Satan is my Co-Pilot,  1998

Used as the cover of “Art­crime: The Mon­tage Art of Win­ston Smith Vol­ume II” (Last Gasp).

12″ x 13″

In God We Trust, Inc.

Idol,  1978

Used as the cover of Dead Kennedys’ 1981 album, In God We Trust, Inc.

12″ x 17.5″

New Yorker, April/May 2000The Money Tree, 1983

Mod­i­fied ver­sion used as the cover for The New Yorker - April/May 2000.

13″ x 12″

Kill It! 1982

12″ x 15.5″


King Chrome,  2011

12″ x 18″



God Told me to Skin You Alive,  1995

Com­mis­sioned as the cover of Green Day’s 1995 album, Insom­niac.

12″ x 12.5″

The Moon Awakes with Blood on Her Lips, 2012

12″ x 17.5″

Out of the Fry­ing Pan and In to the Fire, 2006

12″ x 17.5


When the Lights go on Again all over the World,  2008

12″ x 13″


The Enigma of the Moon, 1980

12″ x 15.5″


No More War, 1979

12″ x 18″


Atomic Time, 1980

12″ x 16″


On the Thresh­old of a Dream,  1989

12″ x 17.5″


The Spirit Takes Flight,  1993

12″ x 18″


Apoc­a­lypse Wow! 1995

As an arch-angel saves pin-up girl in this apoc­a­lyp­tic scene, mom and pop are tied & gaged.  Ani­mals and kids are fly­ing through the air while the world goes up in smoke (self-absorbed teenager on left is only con­cerned that she broke a nail).

12″ x 15″


Never Give Up! 1995

Used as centerfold/poster for Urban Out­fit­ters news­pa­per.  Also used for a skate­board and t-shirts in Tokyo, Japan.

14.5″ x 12″


CAR­nage, 2008

15.5″ x 12″


Con­dos on the Moon, 1987

15″ x 12″


Day is Done, 1989

17″ x 12″


To the Nth Degree

To the Nth Degree, 2002

15.75″ x 12″


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Anarchist Book Fair


Join Win­ston along with Vale, Pene­lope and Ron to dis­cuss Sur­re­al­ism, Art and Anar­chy at the 12th Annual Anar­chist Book Fair.

The fair is located in the Hall of Flow­ers, Golden Gate Park, San Fran­cisco on Sat­ur­day, March 31st and Sun­day, April 1st.

Panel dis­cus­sion is Sat­ur­day at 10:30am (!).  Check the sched­ule for any last-minute updates.

Click here for full sched­ule of speakers…


Pan­elist Biographies:



V.Vale is an adven­turer in the world of the fan­tas­tic and the bizarre.  Edi­tor and founder of the punk mag Search and Destroy, he now edits the jour­nal RE/Search, known for its insight on coun­ter­cul­ture and spe­cial issues on William S. Bur­roughs, Pranks and Mod­ern Prim­i­tives.  He has inter­viewd Lawrence Fer­linghetti and J.G. Bal­lard and cur­rently has an inter­view show on Chan­nel 29.  Visit his website.


Pene­lope Rosemont

Pene­lope Rose­mont explores the jun­gles of sur­re­al­ism and searches for the secrets of lost civ­i­liza­tions.  She has ben an active in inter­na­tional sur­re­al­ism.  Her books include, Dreams & Every­day Life (Kerr Co), Sur­re­al­ist Women, ed. (UTexas Press), and a mono­graph Lost Worlds, For­got­ten Futures, Undreamed Ecstasies.  Visit Kerr or the Sur­re­al­ist Move­ment website.


Ron Sakol­sky

Ron Sakol­sky is a state­less radio pirate with a pen­chant for turn­ing the air­waves upside down and an anarcho-surrealist bankrob­ber in search of pupu­lar accom­plices.  Some of his recent books include:  Sur­re­al­ist Sub­ver­sions, ed. (Autono­me­dia), Cre­at­ing Anar­chy (Fifth Estate), and Swift Winds (Eberhardt).


For more infor­ma­tion on the 12th Annual Anar­chist Book Fair, visit their web­site.



Perfect Gift for Saint Valentine’s Day

Win­ston Smith Condoms!

Win­ston Smith Con­doms fea­ture six dif­fer­ent col­lage illus­tra­tions. Gib­son Girls ride radios over Golden Gate Bridge while the Devil rides shot­gun. So, everyone…how ’bout a lit­tle safe sex?

Avail­able in assorted hand­packed bags of 12, 60, and 144 or as a 3-pack in a reusable car­ry­ing case.


ORDER NOW!  You just might get them in time!




America’s First Con­dom Store

22 IDOLS” Exhibition at DAIKANYAMA

A Win­ston Smith / Kosuke Kawa­mura Col­lab­o­ra­tion Exhibition

pre­sented by ERECT Lab


Octo­ber and Novem­ber, 2010 — ERECT Lab spon­sored two exhi­bi­tions fea­tur­ing the col­lab­o­ra­tions of Win­ston and Kosuke Kawa­mura.  The first, enti­tled “33 Idols” was exhib­ited (open­ing Hal­loween) at Superdeluxe in Tokyo.  The sec­ond, enti­tled “22 Idols” was pre­sented at Pulp in Osaka.

Jan­u­ary 21, 2012 — The  exhi­bi­tion is enjoy­ing a second-coming at Daikanyama Build­ing 2 ivy and book­stores – along­side SHOHEI “57577”.

E Lab’s pub­li­ca­tion, a 22-page hard­back will be avail­able for pur­chase, fea­tur­ing the 22 Idols exhib­ited in the show.

The gallery below is a selec­tion of Winston’s con­tri­bu­tions to the project.





Erect Lab

Daikanyama T-Site



About Kosuke Kawamura

Born in 1979 in Hiroshima and cur­rently lives in Tokyo. Works as both Graphic Designer and Spe­cial Affect Designer. He is also a One Plus col­lage artist. Was accepted at Takashi Nemoto’s exhi­bi­tion, “Takashi Nemoto and oth­ers’ Pick! Cheer­ful Every­day”.  Now an art direc­tor for E Mag­a­zine that he has launched with INUNCHU. Col­lab­o­rated a T-shirt work with an apparel brand, “VANDALIZE” and also some graphic work for “NADA.”. Pro­duced numer­ous fly­ers for sev­eral lives and events.

Pub­lished num­bers of book designs and other mate­ri­als for design­ers such as : Takashi Nemoto, Masaya Hara, Nao­hiro Ukawa and Yuichi Jibiki. Together with Mr. Nemoto, pro­duces test-art comic, “Soleil Dis­ci­pline”. It cur­rently been pub­lished seri­ally for a quar­terly mag­a­zine TRASH-UP!  Started a live silk print in 2007. The silk screen project focuses on mon­e­tary value. Often taken on projects that deeply evolves around con­cepts. Has col­lab­o­rated with Win­ston Smith and KING JOE to par­tic­i­pate in both solo and group exhi­bi­tions in muse­ums and gal­leries. He keeps expand­ing his abil­ity as a graphic designer by tak­ing on dif­fer­ent medias of mate­ri­als: book designs, DVD/CD jacket designs, adver­tise­ment, apparel, events and others.




Mid-Winter Night’s Scream

Just in time for the Holidaze.…


Win­ston Smith’s

Annual Stu­dio Show


Fri­day, Decem­ber 9th 2011 • 7pm-11pm


at Grant’s Tomb Gallery




50-A Ban­nam Alley

(Right off Union Street at Grant
One Block East from Wash­ing­ton Square
In the heart of North Beach)
Look for the Red Door.


Give the gift that keeps on giv­ing: ART!


New and clas­sic orig­i­nals avail­able for your collection.


Wide price range to fit any budget.



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