The Art of Moonalice Returns to Brooklyn Bowl on Sunday October 28

Check out the pho­tos we took at the Brook­lyn Bowl poster show. Click here…

The Art of Moon­al­ice
An exhibit of Rock Posters cre­ated for the band Moon­al­ice.
Moon­al­ice is a band that com­mis­sions a poster for every gig and gives them away for free. Since the band’s for­ma­tion in 2007, Moon­al­ice has pro­duced a unique series of almost 550 orig­i­nal gig posters with art­work from over 20 artists.

Moon­al­ice posters fea­ture art­work from many of the leg­endary poster artists of the psy­che­delic 60′s as well as today’s top rock poster artists. Moon­al­ice is a band that lets poster artists do what they do best – make art! Unen­cum­bered by stan­dard con­straints, Moon­al­ice posters are as diverse as the artists who cre­ate them.

On Sun­day, Octo­ber 28, 2012, Moon­al­ice proudly presents their 2nd poster show at the Brook­lyn Bowl. The full series of Moon­al­ice posters will be on dis­play and avail­able for pur­chase at this FREE East Coast event. Many Moon­al­ice poster artists will be attend­ing the event in-person. The poster show opens at noon, Moonalice’s con­cert will fol­low the poster show in the evening. Join the event on Facebook!

SUNDAY – Octo­ber 28, 2012
Doors open at Noon!
Artists in atten­dance:
Wes Wil­son • Alexan­dra Fis­cher
David Singer • Stan­ley Mouse
Chris Shaw • John Mavroudis
Den­nis Larkins • Dave Hunter
Den­nis Loren • John Seabury
Chuck Sperry • Wendy Wright
Car­olyn Fer­ris • Gary Hous­ton
Dar­rin Bren­ner • Win­ston Smith
Lee Con­klin • Lau­ren Yurkovich
George and Patri­cia Sargent

Also fea­tur­ing art­work by:
Ron Dono­van • Claude Shade • Grace Slick

BROOKLYN BOWL 61 Wythe Avenue, Brook­lyn, NY

All Riot On The West­ern Front

The Mon­tage Art of Win­ston Smith — Vol­ume 3

All Riot On The Western Fron

The tril­ogy that started with Art­crime and Act Like Nothing’s Wrong is at last com­plete. Win­ston Smith’s third vol­ume of hand-carved col­lage art is a rich com­pendium of “old school” cut and paste com­po­si­tions that jux­ta­pose tra­di­tional Amer­i­cana images with insight­ful visual twists. Dinosaurs rav­age sub­ur­bia while dodos frolic with Gib­son girls. Guar­an­teed to shock and awe. Smith’s work has been fea­tured in Play­boy, Spin, and The New Yorker, as well as on album cov­ers for Dead Kennedys, Green Day, DOA, George Car­lin, and more. With for­ward by Ralph Stead­man and intro­duc­tion by Carlo McCormick.

Enjoy a small pre­view below

Act Like Nothing’s Wrong

The Mon­tage Art of Win­ston Smith — Vol­ume 1

Act Like Nothings Wrong by Winston Smith

It is impos­si­ble to pin down who’s the ‘best’ col­lage artist in the uni­verse, but Win­ston Smith would cer­tainly leap to mind (and then blow that mind repeat­edly). Most of his images are like a punch in the face. There must be ten zil­lion peo­ple doing col­lages for every­thing from Exxon ads to fanzines to street posters, so the com­pe­ti­tion is stiff; but Smith’s work has stood out, glar­ingly, for the last 15 years as the most con­sis­tently star­tling, mean­ing­ful and tech­ni­cally accom­plished in this bas­tard field. It’s high time Smith became a rich, famous artist rather than the best-kept secret of the under­ground.” — unknown

By its very nature, the medium of col­lage demands the appro­pri­a­tion of many and span­erse images. These images are the works of won­der­ful artists who pro­duced work from the 1880s through the 1950s. Many were well-known in their field. Many worked in near anonymity. All of them con­tributed to the vast visual galaxy of cul­tural icons that have enhanced and defined our civ­i­liza­tion. Acknowl­edg­ing their clas­sic work is an honor, since with­out their efforts this vol­ume could not exist.

Act Like Nothing’s Wrong includes 95 pages of  the col­lages includ­ing one enti­tled His Most Holy and Ortho­dox Rev­erend Ivan Stang, High Pope of the Church of the Sub­Ge­nius. With for­ward by Dirk Dirk­sen and intro­duc­tion by Suzanne Ste­fanac.

Cur­rently avail­able from the pub­lisher Last Gasp. (includ­ing signed copies)